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The debaba KRAFT wooden teether made out of natural beech wood are gentle on the gums, so they can be a huge relief for little ones during teething.

It does not contain small, falling or moving parts, so it is safe to use. By raising babies to their mouths, their eye-hand coordination develops, and beech wood, which is the raw material of debaba KRAFT wooden teethers, is 100% natural and more durable than other (soft) wood species. (It does not contain naturally occurring oily substances that can be harmful to babies.) The surface of natural, untreated beech wood is treated with 100% pure Panarom coconut oil to seal the pores, so that dirt cannot enter the wood.

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Wooden teether instructions, cleaning

Do not use wooden teethers for newborns or if you see damage to the product. Clean it with warm water, but do not keep it under running water for a long time and do not soak it! Do not put in a dishwasher, sterilizer, or microwave oven. Depending on the frequency of use, replace the product with a new one from time to time.

Things to know

  1. Chemical-free and non-toxic

One of the most important advantages of choosing wooden teethers over plastic or other popular teething aids is that hardwood teethers are non-toxic and free of any harmful substances: lead, metals, BPA, chemicals or phthalates. Our goal is to provide the safest possible products for your child, since as parents we know how many seemingly harmless devices can cause trouble.

  1. Durable

Wood is much more durable than plastics – from which most teething aids are made – thus resulting in less waste compared to disposable products. In this way, we also reached an extra good feature of them, such as sustainability.

  1. It is sustainable

Really high-quality wooden teether intended for babies are made of natural beech wood. Beech wood is uniquely sustainable, as it can be grown in renewable and managed forests. This means that the trees used and cut down will be replaced. At debaba KRAFT, sustainability is a particularly important factor, we try to use local raw materials and local labour in the production of all our products.

  1. Naturally antibacterial

Did you know? Wood actually has natural antimicrobial properties, so it is antibacterial in itself. As parents, we are constantly worried about the germs around us, so this feature of wood can be a huge relief. In addition, babies can use teether for several months, so this factor is particularly important for such a product.

  1. Surface treatment

We can treat natural wood in a number of ways, depending on its use. However, since it is a product made for babies – it is extremely important that we use a 100% natural surface treatment material. Among the organic beeswax, tung oil and edible oils, we voted for the organic, 100% pure coconut oil marketed by Panarom. Although beech wood – in contrast to soft wood – has a closed structure and does not splinter, it is important to close the pores so that dirt and bacteria cannot enter the wood. It is therefore very easy to clean: it can be easily kept clean with a wet cloth or by holding it under running water for a very short time.

Wooden teether can therefore be a great alternative to plastic, silicone or other teething aids. Check out the other animal debaba KRAFt natural wooden teether too!


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