Bújtató – wooden lacing toy – fox+kitty


Kende the fox and Lujzi the kitty live in this beautiful mint coloured box. They are bigger size as little soft stuffed toys, so this hands on game encourages patience, problem solving and fine motor skills.

The box contains 3 pieces of coloured laces, which must be slipped through the holes in any order. There are several possible variations, which can be re-laced or undone as many times as needed. There is no right or wrong solution, so kids can create something unique. Both ends of the threads are hard, so you can easily push them through the holes.

Each box includes:

  • 2 pcs laser-cut debaba KRAFT animals (fox and kitty)
  • 3 pcs 3 different color 100 cm laces


TIP: frame the finished work of art or make a fridge magnet out of it – so the work of art can become the centerpiece of the kitchen.

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The Bújtató is a wooden lacing game for kids. It is a perfect skill-,  and fine motor skill developer, and it can be used by children who cannot use a needle yet. They don’t prick themselves, they can embroider like adults, it’s a great pastime and it even improves their dexterity.


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