Barka roe deer – kids cushion


A pillow with a hint of magic that keeps every child in their own bed for the whole night, puts them to sleep in kindergarten or during their afternoon nap.

Before falling asleep, just turn the pillow so that the side on which the animal closes its eyes is up.

The head part is stuffed with anti-allergenic filler, but we were careful not to stuff it too much, since the spine and head of the little ones don’t need strong support yet. It is light, so you can take it with you anywhere, even the little ones can easily carry it by the ear. It is the same size as an IKEA children’s pillow.

100% cotton product with Oeko-tex Standard 100 quality certificate.

But what does it mean that Oeko-tex and the ink with which it is printed are not harmful to babies?

The OEKO-TEX® trademark indicates to end users that the product does not contain harmful substances and is therefore safe and skin-friendly, so the trademark can be an important decision-making tool when purchasing textile products.

The natural pH of the skin is acidic, when this is disturbed, the skin’s defenses are reduced and it becomes more vulnerable, which can cause eczema, allergies or other skin irritations. This is especially true for babies and children. The skin is protected by the hydrolipid layer, but less produced in babies and children than in adults. Therefore, Oeko-Tex certified materials must have a skin-friendly pH value.

Water-based pigment ink is used during printing, so the print is free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE). The filling is a 100% allergy- and mite-free siliconized polyester ball.

What inspired us about this product?

A cat once appeared in one of our daughter’s, Borka’s drawings, with one eye closed and the other eye open. Borka drew a moon above his closed eyes, and a sunbeam above his open eyes. He asked us to design a pillow for her that she can take with her to kindergarten, and the animal sleeps with her. This is where the sleeping pillow started, and since both sides are printed due to the same colour, we decided not to put the debaba KRAFT logo on the back, but the animal’s face with closed eyes. When they are awake, they will be a decoration of the room, when they are asleep, they will be a sleeping companion.

 TIP: if it is more difficult to fall asleep due to a stuffy nose, put a larger pillow under the debaba KRAFT sleeping pillow, so you can raise their head, and the dripping secretions irritate the throat less, so you can avoid coughing at night.

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Material: Cotton with Oeko-tex Standard 100 quality certificate
Paint: water-based pigment paint, free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE)
Filling: antiallergenic siliconized polyester
Size: approx. 40 x 32 cm (without ears)
Washing: machine washable at 30°C


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