Nálunk minden állatka igazi egyéniség! A gyerekek így hamar a bizalmukba fogadják őket, ezáltal könnyebben tudnak azonosulni velük, és biztosan van egy-egy közös tulajdonság a szeretett állatka és a kis tulajdonos-barátja között. Ahhoz, hogy megismerd az állatainkat, klikkelj a képekre! 

Barka, the deer

She speaks a little French, her favourite word is ‘papillon’ (butterfly). She can watch butterflies flying on flowers and if she finds a flower which she doesn’t know she immediately counts its petals. Her favourite colour is pink, and this is the reason why she likes strawberry and raspberry ice cream.

Benedek the penguin

He swims the whole day at the bottom of the ocean looking for treeasures and shells. His dream is to learn to fly, he often takes some flying lessons from Fülöp and he is already quite good at it.

Bernard the bear

You surely suspect what is Bernard’s favourite thing to do. Exactly, he would sit in front of the raspberry bush the whole day and would eat the sweet fruit. But what you don’t know about him is that he really likes to sing (he has a beautiful deep voice) and he doesn’t like honey.

Huba the sloth

He is able to climb the highest trees and if he finds it, he is able to sleep half a day on one of the benches. He is extremely lazy and slow and if he is not sleeping at the moment, his favourite activity to count the food collecting ants.

Kende the fox

During autumn time – this is his favourite season – he piles up tree leaves and jumps in them all day long. He really likes to ride the bicycle and to hike, he is interested in astronomy thus he knows all of the planets’ names.

Lelle the rabbit

Lelle has always a book with her because she loves reading. Her favourite place is the hammock under the birch in their garden, because during lying in there she can read a whole book. She likes the smell of gingerbread and Christmas carols.

Lenka the cheetah

Lenka is a really friendly cheetah. When she hears music she immediately starts to dance. She is really sensitive and sympathetic if somebody gets in trouble she is there to help. Lenka very much likes to draw and find the common voice easily with the little ones as well. She is a care-taking personality.

Lujzi the cat

She loves geometrical shapes, she draws the zigzag lines on her stomach several times a day with her fingers. Once with right hand and once with left hand. Her two favourite activity is building a sandcastle and taking care of her little garden. She fondles every seedling before planting them.